ALL ETA extended to MID of the month (**for now)!

ETA extended to MID of the month due to changes in Shipping Schedule affecting date vessel depart from Port Melbourne.

In conjunction of recent events (starting batch end June), it has come to our attention that it we no longer able to meet the ETA as stated earlier which was usually end of the month.

As we investigate this matter further, we’ve found that one of the reason is due to changes in shipping schedule affecting date vessel depart from Port Melbourne to Port Klang.

Thus we have decided to make some adjustment by extending the ETA for all batches to mid of the month (for now**)

Although we were informed shipment may arrive by mid of the month, there’s a probability it might be stretched to end of month too.

On behalf of By Two N, we truly appreciate your understanding over this matter.

The delay we’ve been experiencing lately (especially the one caused by shipping schedule & custom matters) is beyond our control.

Let’s pray this time all shipment can arrive according to our expected date 🙂

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the schdule.

- By Two N

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