How To Pay with Maybank QRPay

How To Pay with Maybank QRPay

Easier, faster and safer way to pay instantly!

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What is Maybank QRPay?

“Maybank QRPay (QRPay) is a cashless payment solution that enables Individual (Buyer) to make payments to Sellers using a unique two-dimensional quick-response (QR) code. This service is available on the Maybank app.”


  1. All new and existing Maybank2u customers with the Maybank app on smartphones are able to use QRPay services.
  2. Mobile device Operating Systemmust be iOS 8.0and above or Android version 4.0and above.
  3. Scan and pay for payments below RM250 only. For transactions above RM250, biometric / M2U password is required.

Make payment to Walniq Empire with Maybank QRPay today!


1. Do take note that Maybank QRPay is an alternative to ease the flow for our customers to do manual bank transfer without the need to type in the long account number. Simply scan and key in the amount.

2. “Pay with Maybank QRPay” is applicable if you choose payment option “MAYBANK QR PAY” during Checkout.

3. Once payment done, do submit the payment receipt here form

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