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Why am I at this page?


FAQ section will elaborate in detail (but much more organized & understandable) all clauses from our Terms & Conditions.

How do I place an order?

These are general steps of your shopping journey with us:
1) Choose your product, add to cart & amend quantity
2) Check order details
3) Confirm your shopping cart
4) Provide shipping & billing information
5) Choose payment options and finalize payment
6) You will see the payment transaction status on your screen
7) For the successful transaction, we will email you the order confirmation.

NOTE: You can also view the status of your order at My Account – Order

I need help how to place order on website?

If you are not familiar or not sure how to place order on website, do drop us an
​OR WhatsApp. We are more than happy to assist you.

What happen if shipment delay?

Upon receiving your invoice, we’ve stated an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) which is the time when the ship arrives at Port Klang. And this doesn’t include custom check which will take around 4-14 days.

However, please note that this is not a guaranteed delivery date for your order.

Be informed that we have no control over shipping schedule and custom check. Please be patient and fully understood the concept of Preorder.

In the events where shipment arrival exceeds the estimated time arrival (ETA) for MORE THAN 1 MONTH/3O DAYS (from the ETA), customers have the right to request for cancellation and all previously paid amount will be refunded.

How do I know if the shipment has arrive (preorder items)?

We will notify you via once the shipment arrived.

And we will also announce on our Instagram & Facebook account.

You can also refer to page Shipment Schedule & Updates 

Can I request for By Two N to assemble the furniture for me?

Yes, assembly fee is 5% of the product price.
However, we will assemble at our hub before hand over the item to customer.
And we will not post assembled product, self pick up or home delivery only

Why note "Ops sorry! You have included an item that can't be ship via courier " appear when I tried to check out?

You may have included an item(s) that can’t be ship via courier.

For safety reasons, there are a few items that we would not ship via courier.

Fret not, you can still purchase the item and proceed with your order.


  1. Click “Proceed To Checkout” button.
  2. Add a “Order Notes” of your chosen option (Home Delivery OR Self Pick Up)at the bottom left
  3. Press “Place Order” button.

NOTE: Home Delivery available within Klang Valley only.

How to differentiate which item(s) is/are Preorder or Readystock?

All items under tab Shop Collections are preorder basis. Refer to our Shipment Schedule & Updates 

All items under tab Shop Readystock are readystock items. Do take note stocks are limited, first pay first serve.

Can I decide later either to pick up/home delivery of opt?

Our apology but it is highly not advisable.

Customer is required to finalize your option either to post/home delivery/self pick up. This is very important to minimize delay in delivering your orders. Any changes afterwards won’t be entertained.

What happen if I accidently provide wrong details to By Two N?

We won’t be responsible if customer provide wrong details (name/ contact number / address).
Any extra expenses incurred due to this matter will be borne by customer.

Can I self-collect the goods from your shop?

Our apology but for the time being we don’t have any physical shop, we are online basis.

However you can request for self collect at our house in BSP10, Bandar Saujana Putra OR Presint 11, Putrajaya.

Is the price stated inclusive of postage?

No. Additional charges applied if customer opt for Shipping Courier either local or international.

All price stated is inclusive of shipping (sea freight) from Australia to our distribution centre.

I am from Singapore / Brunei / Sabah Sarawak, but I want to come to self collect my item @ home delivery to my sister in Rawang. Is it possible?

Yes sure can.

Even though you are from Singapore / Brunei / Sabah Sarawak, you can still choose to opt for self pick up (at Bandar Saujana Putra OR Putrajaya) / home delivery (Klang Valley only).

For home delivery, please be reminded to enter Klang Valley’s address.

Do whatsapp us if you require further explanation.


What is your method of payment?

FPX – online banking via BillPlz.
Bank Deposit – online transfer OR cash deposit machine.
Credit Card – Paypal.

What is the minimum or maximum payment required?

For PREORDER, minimum 50% deposit requred.
For READYSTOCK, full payment required.

I want to place preorder but can I pay after shipment arrive?


Customer will have to place deposit upon confirming your order; MINIMUM 50% deposit.
Order(s) without the required payment will not be entertained.

I don't have any online banking (Maybank2u / Cimbclicks etc) nor Credit Card, how to make payment?

You can opt for Bank Deposit, make your payment from any cash deposit machine.
For Bank Deposit, please make the payment to our account within 24 hours upon placing the order and email the payment receipt to us.

What is FPX? Why I'm I transferring to BillPlz when I opt for FPX?

FPX (Financial Process Exchange) is a payment gateway that allows you to make real time online payments using your current or savings account from any of your local internet banking account.

Billplz is one of Malaysia’s trusted online payment gateway. Billplz is 3rd party between By Two N and you (customers) that securely received the money from customer and send it to our bank account.

I want to pay using credit card but I don't have PayPal account, can I still place order?

You can pay with your credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Do you have minimum payment if I want to pay using Paypal?

Yes, if you opt to pay using Paypal / Credit / Debit Card, minimum TOTAL (not subtotal) amount is RM150. If the amount is less than RM150, kindly opt for Bank Transfer or FPX.

I've made payment through PayPal & the amount has been deducted from my account. But why the status was stated as "ON HOLD"?

As a part of PayPal buyer and seller protection initiative, it is common for PayPal to hold the payment you paid from being debited instantly to seller.

Although the amount has been deducted from buyer’s account, in actual the amount is still floating and usually it will take at minimum 7 processing days for the payment to be released.

in order for PayPay to release the fund instantly,  buyer is required to confirm the transaction by clicking “CONFIRM RECEIPT” from your PayPal account.

We have the right to hold delivery of your order till your payment clear and successfully debited into our account.

Can I buy both preorder & readystock items under same invoice?

Yes sure can!

If you opt to self pick up, just put some note on your order that you want to collect the readystock item first.

But if you wish to receive the readystock items first, by post (courier) or home delivery, kindly place separate order for both readystock & preorder item.

Do you accept payment from bank outside of Malaysia?

Yes we do, you can pay using PayPal.

However for international shipping, we only post to Singapore for the time being.

I want to buy readystock item, can I opt for installment?


Our Installment Payment Plan (refer next section) is applicable for preorder only.

Full payment is required for readystock items.

Can I request the my order to be shipped earlier?

Our apology but all orders will be shipped according to the shipment schedule.
Ie. Preorder ETA End June, the ordering period was between 20th April – 1st may.
Even though customer pay deposit on 20th April, the shipment will still arrive end of June

Do take note we ship (sea freight) once in a month.

Can I pay using cash during pick up?

No. We do not accept cash.

Can I pay instantly once I place my order?

Yes, of course!

Once you place an order via our website, you will receive a Thank You note at your registered email.

1. If you choose to pay using PayPal or FPX, you can proceed to pay full amount as stated at TOTAL on your invoice/order details.

b) If you choose to pay using Bank Transfer, you should expect to receive subsequent email payment invoice with a payment link (click link “Pay for this order”)
Once you have transferred the required payment, do submit the payment receipt by submitting the payment receipt at dashboard “My account”

Do check your dashboard account (my account > orders) from time to time.

I forgot to make payment immediately once I place my order! what should I do?

1. Check your dashboard at My Account – Order

2. Click button Pay.

3. Choose your payment options.

4. Proceed your payment accordingly.

NOTE: Please reach us if button “Pay” did not appear at your dashboard.

Can I pay using MAYBANK QRPAY?

Yes, refer here for the tutorial on how to pay using Maybank QRPay

NOTE: Do take note Maybank QRPay can only be used by Maybank account user.


What is Installment Payment Plan?

Term for our Installment Payment Plan is very simple & straight forward.

  1. Applicable for Preorder items only
  2. You can pay maximum of 2x installment.
  3. Minimum deposit required is 50%.
  4. 0% interest.

When do I need to pay the remaining 50% balance?

Once shipment arrive, By Two N will reach you by email for balance.

Payment must be done within 3 weeks after we’ve notify customer to make the payment, or else we reserve the right to “LELONG” your item.

What is the procedure or steps if I want to pay by installment?

Click here

What is the minimum amount for Installment Payment Plan?

Minimum 50% from subtotal.

Can I pay readystock item with Installment Payment Plan?

No. Installment applicable for Preorder item only

Can I opt for installment and pay using credit card?

For the time being, all order under Installment Payment Plan need to be paid manually using bank transfer.

  1. Opt for “Bank Transfer: Installment” at checkout page.
  2. Make payment from your online banking or cash deposit machine.


Are all products Auni Alya Book Club readystcok?

Unless stated as out of stock

What is OEM set?

Do take note some of AUNI ALYA BOOK CLUB’s product are OEM set. Please read carefully product description.

OEM are imported  set from China. Yet the contents are the same as EU set except for they may differs in term of quality, tone colour & some may not come with slipcase  etc.If you’re looking to buy something that’s affordable, OEM would be suitable for you.However, if you’re very particular about the appearance, originality etc, you may need to look for EU set elsewhere.

OEM set is meant for those scouting for value. This set is not for perfectionists who cannot tolerate the sight of a non-perfect slipcase. Please read carefully and consider before buying.

Can I pay by installment?


Since all Auni ALya Book Club’s products are readystock, full payment required.

Can I combine order with By Two N products?

Of course!


I place a preorder but suddenly By Two N said the item is out of stock. How is this possible?

Every effort is made to maintain the availability of items shown in our website, but due to popularity and supply issues, some products may not always be available. Generally, By Two N can only estimate when a product should be back in stock.

What will happen if the item(s) I ordered is/are out of stock?

In the event of price changes (price increment by supplier) or unavailability of products/out of stock, we reserves the right to cancel the order and customers will be refunded
a full amount that have been paid earlier.
Unless customer want to change with different item or would like to wait (patiently) till the item restock.

I really like item X, but I was informed the item is out of stock. Can I still place for preorder?

Yes, IF customer can wait “patiently” till the item restock.

However, we can’t guarantee when it would be as By Two N have no control over the stocks.

There a few items which are totally discontinued though, so we will notify you ASAP so don’t get your hopes too high.

Can I hold my payment for deposit till By Two N secure the item I want to order?

By Two N will not secure (or buy any item in advance) without the required deposit.

We do understand customer wants to avoid the waiting of an out of stock item. But we also can’t guarantee the availability of any items.

Can I get info/status on availability of the items I order before closing so that I can replace with other item and still able to join same batch?


However it depends on how soon we can get checklist of shipping item from shipper in Australia AND shipping schedule (date vessel depart from port in Melbourne),

Once we received final checklist of items from shipper, and the item you ordered is marked as out of stock, we will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.
If we still have some time (before vessel depart), you can choose to replace with other item.
Or else we will ship your order either fully or partially.
Do take note, in the event that we are not able to secure the stock, we will process refund based on the amount you have paid.

If the item I Pre-ordered was out of stock, can I exchange with any readystock item?


You can request to exchange with any readystock items with same value as you paid for preorder item.


What happen if I receive defect/damage/wrong item?

By Two N is dedicated to provide our customers with the very best service. All items are carefully inspected before shipping out to our customers.
In the event that damage occurs in transit,
exhange of products OR refund can be arranged under the following reasons:
If any item has been delivered in a damaged or defective condition
if the wrong item which is different from the item is delivered

What is the procedure if I want to claim for defect?

Fill in this form

Be sure to:
1) Forward us proof of affected item, provide us us:
– Order No.
– Your name and contact details.
– Photo(s) of the damage;
– Brief description of the quality issue you noticed​2) Return to By Two N the aforesaid item unused and in its original condition, quantity and packaging as it is first delivered to the customer.​By Two N will evaluate the severity of the defect and will offer either partially/fully refund the money OR provide an exchange OR offer a store credit.
For exchange with the same item, send us a request to our email (replacement of items is subject to stock availability)

All damage claims must be made within 3days upon receiving the goods.

I received my item 1 week ago and just found out some defect on my item, can I still claim?

Our apology but as stated in the Term & Condition, all damage claims must be made within 3days upon receiving the goods.

However, if it’s due to any personal / unavoidable matters, do reach us, we do open for discussion.

Do you have warranty for products under Auni Alya Book Club?


Yet, we cannot guarantee on slipcase in the event that crack/dented occurs in transit. NO after sales on basis of outer cosmetic imperfection such as dent or cracked slip case.
We will only  compensate (with certain amount depending on severity) if  the books affected.

Worry not! We do wrap all items with extra care before handover to customers.

Do you have warranty over all of your products?

The products warranty (if any) will generally be voided upon purchase from By Two N, unless the product/manufacturer provides a worldwide warranty.

By Two N is dedicated to provide our customers with the very best service. All items are carefully inspected before shipping out to our customers.

Can I cancel my order?

Please take note that once your have paid, the transaction will be treated as final.

Any cancellation, exchange, modify or refund requested by customer will not be entertained.

(inclusive of customer change their mind & also non transferable to another item).

Is there any restriction of items or condition which I can't claim for refund?

Yes. Damaged items resulting from misuse, abuse, normal wear & tear and incorrect self-assembly.

How soon will I receive my refund?

Refunds will be done via the initial payment mode and may take up to 7 working days. Please note that refund amount is subjected to conditions of the products.


What is "As-Is" item?

As-is item is the item which involve a minor defect. Minor defect defines such as a small dirt on/ a slight color different which is still acceptable to be wear. As-Is Item is not returnable/exchangeable.

Are "As-Is" items readystock / preorder?

All “As-Is” items are readystock.


Where is the location of Self Pick Up?

BSP10, Bandar Saujana Putra.

Complete address & location will be shared once customer settle all pending payment.

Can I pay during pick up?


Payment must be settled minimim 3 days BEFORE self pick up.
By Two N do not accept Cash Upon Delivery.

Do I have to set for appointment? Can I come anytime I'm free?

Since we are home-based, we do not accept walk in customers.

Customer need to set for appointment at least 3days before coming.

If I can't come to pick up the items, can I change to post/home delivery?

Our apology but as stated in the Term & Condition – “Customer is required to finalize your option either to post/home delivery/self pick up. ”

However, if it’s due to any personal / unavoidable matters, do reach us, we do open for discussion.

If I place preorder in 2/3 consecutive batches, can I come to collect altogether once all arrive?

Yes. But do inform us


What is the difference between Home Delivery and Post?

Home Delivery service is available for Klang Valley area.  Your order will be delivered by By Two N’s appointed runner.

While if you opt for post, your order will be delivered by Courier Company such as Poslaju / Nationwide / Airpak etc.

I want runner to deliver to my apartment / office building, can runner deliver the items to my door or inside my office?

For delivery to condo/apartment/hotel/office (any mid/high-rise building), runner will deliver till building lobby only. This is because runner can’t leave their vehicle unattended due to safety issue.

What is the fee for Home Delivery?

Depends on your location.

The rate is auto-calculated at Checkout page.

Please ensure you fill in COMPLETE address (KL & Selangor only) to avoid extra charge.

Is there any extra/additional charges I have to take note of?

No. Unless:

1) Bulky item: Oversized items that can’t be fit into a runner’s sedan/hatchback. So we may need to rent truck to deliver the item. Do reach us for further discussion.
Example: Wooden Cubby Playhouse

2) Door-to-door (mid/high-rise building): Although we don’t provide door-to-door delivery for apartment / condominium, under some cases (such as customer’s health issue), runner can consider to deliver to your door, with additional charge RM5. Do reach us for further discussion.

What are the delivery restrictions I should be aware of?

Kindly note that delivery to condos or gated residences is to lobby only. Please ensure that the relevant permissions are obtained from the building/residential management for the chosen delivery date. Any delivery restrictions can be communicated via email.

Do you provide home delivery outside Klang Valley?

No. But you can arrange transportation (hire your own runner) if you want to opt for home delivery. Do reach us for further discussion.

When is the delivery time?

We always strive to provide the best to delivery your orders as soon as we can.

Delivery will be available from Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays.

You may state your preferred date & time receive your order from runner.


Will I be notified prior to delivery?

Yes. You will receive Whatsapp text from runner or call prior to your scheduled appointment on the day of delivery or 1 day earlier.


What courier are you using? Can I choose my own courier?

We usually opt Poslaju/Airpak and Nationwide (local post) and Aramex/TnT (international post)
If you have certain courier preference, please state upon confirming your order.

Do post outside malaysia?

Yes but the time being to Singapore only.

Customers from Brunei can opt post to Poslaju Limbang.

Why are there products on the website that cannot be posted?

The majority of our product range is available and can be posted. However, there are a few special products that By Two N will not post due to:
  1. Extremely fragile such as oversized mirror.
  2. Packaging or item too big or too heavy which can result to extremely expensive postage fee.

If customer still wish to buy the item, kindly arrange for self pick up/home delivery.

What happen if the parcel I received was damaged/ missing/ wrong item?


If I make payment today, can you post same day?

As stated in our T&C:
1. For preorder items, we’ll start to post out within 1 week after customer has settled balance of payment.
2. For readystock items, we’ll start to post within 3 working days.

Do you provide tracking number?

Yes, we do.

Tracking number will be publish on page Tracking Number

Once parcel posted, will you update me status or wherebout of the parcels everyday?

Our apology but once we have posted and provide tracking number to customer, it is your responsible to follow up directly with the respective courier company.

How do you handle your parcel? Especially for fragile items

We will carefully pack customer’s item with high quality double layer bubblewrap.

On top of that we label the parcel ‘handle with care‘ or ‘fragile‘ markings.

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