Combo Yahya Ibrahim : Stories & Summary of the Quran ( 3 Books )

Combo Yahya Ibrahim : Stories & Summary of the Quran ( 3 Books )

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1. Yahya Ibrahim : Tearful Moments Of Rasulullah

None can truly claim faith until Muhammad S.A.W is more beloved to them than their parents, spouse and children. To know him is to love him. To love him is to obey him. If he, S.A.W was to walk into your life now, what would he think?

In this book, Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim pray we can model the exalted behaviour of our Nabi S.A.W and that we are blessed with his intercession in the Day to come


2. Yahya Ibrahim : A Juz A Day Summary of the Quran

The life lessons that may be derived from the Quran are infinite. The more one contemplates it, approaching it with a sincere heart and giving it one’s full attention while recognizing its magnificence, the more one’s heart connects with the Almighty

In this book, Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim pray that the Quran remains a light for us in the darkness of excess and that it lead us to the moderate, straightpath of righteousness


3. Yahya Ibrahim : Loves Stories from the Quran

Love. The real kind – the genuine love between a man amd his wife that stems from a seed of love that is planted by Allah in the hearts of those who are true in submission to the Dispenser of love and comfort.

In this book, Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim pray that the words in the Quran build love for us and between us and make us true in our love


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