Iktikaf Alif Premium Sejadah (New Version) by Alif Satar

Iktikaf Alif Premium Sejadah (New Version) by Alif Satar

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Secure your Premium Sejadah by Alif Satar today.

Sejadah Sandar Iktikaf Alif

Sejadah Iktikaf Alif: RM 219

New and improved Sejadah Iktikaf Alif.

Every purchase of Sejadah Iktikaf Alif comes with additional 3 items

– Reusable Storage Box (Worth RM25)
– Free Tote Bag (Worth RM40)
– Free Tasbeeh (Prayer Beads) made of Kokka Wood 

Emerald Green fabric. Exclusive by Iktikaf Alif.
Memory Foam Technology. For sustained comfort.
Heavy duty nylon “Seatbelt” strap with detachable clips
Simple minimalistic design originally designed by Iktikaf Alif

Foldable sejadah with carry bag for portability. Ideal for to be a part of your home, office or masjid. Padded panel for comfort for back while seated and when in the sujood position. Premium packaging, ideal to be presented as a gift. Can be laid fully flat for laying down.

Weight 3 kg


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