Kumon – “My Book of” & “My First Book of Series” (8 books set)

Kumon – “My Book of” & “My First Book of Series” (8 books set)

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  1. Dimension: 29.5*21cm
  2. Page: 80 pages each
  3. Weight: 2.55kg nett


Set includes all 8 books:

  1. Drawing (Age 3,4,5)
    Developing strong motor control and pencil control skills is an important foundation for writing letters and numbers. My First Book of Drawing helps children refine these skills by bringing them through all the steps from drawing simple lines and shapes to creating pictures of objects they are familiar with, such as an apple or a cat.
  2. Number Games 1-70 (Age 3,4,5)
    The connect-the-dots exercises on the odd-numbered pages of the book provide children with opportunities to become familiar with the concept of ordinal numbers while enjoying the “guess who’s hiding” games. The color-by-number exercises on the even-numbered pages are designed to enhance number recognition. These two abilities are crucial for creating the basis for addition and subtraction skills and beyond.
  3. Uppercase Letters (Age 3,4,5)
    Unlike conventional alphabet books, My First Book of UPPERCASE LETTERS does not start with the ABCs. The most prominent characteristic of this book is that it starts with easy-to-write letters and then proceeds to more difficult letters step by step, regardless of alphabetical order. Different strokes such as straight lines, diagonal lines and curves are introduced in an incremental manner so that children do not grow tired of studying letters.
  4. Lowercase Letters (Age 4,5,6)
    This sequel to My First Book of UPPERCASE LETTERS encourages children to begin with lowercase letters that have simple strokes such as l, t, and i and gradually moves on to letters containing diagonal lines and curves. Through a series of connect-the-dots and tracing exercises, children become familiar with the shapes of letters naturally. Although this unique approach to the alphabet may seem roundabout, learning to write letters effortlessly will speed a child’s recognition of the alphabet later.
  5. Alphabet Games (Age 4,5,6)
    In this third book in the alphabet sequence, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters while working on strengthening their sense of alphabetical order. All of this is done with fun and familiar games used innovatively, like tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter.
  6. Rhyming Words (Age 4,5,6)
    This book is for children who can read and write the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Words that are familiar to children – such as bat, hat, and rat – are grouped by the vowel and consonant combination of the last two letters. By repeatedly saying and tracing words, children easily acquire solid abilities to say and write simple words.
  7. Rhyming Words: Long Vowels (Age 4,5,6)
    Long vowels are the most difficult part of learning to read and write. Using Kumon’s well-known systematic and step-by-step approach, combined with well-known phonics theory, this book helps children understand how many different vowel combinations make the same long vowel sounds.
  8. Simple Sentences (Age 5,6,7)
    Writing simple sentences can be difficult for young children. Perfect for children who can create a simple sentence and build a foundation for creating more complex sentence patterns. Exercises include pronouncing words aloud while looking at an image and then tracing the word while saying it.


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