LeapStart™ Learn to Read Volume 2 (6 books)

LeapStart™ Learn to Read Volume 2 (6 books)


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Start shaping your child’s tomorrow, today.

Encourages children to touch pages, pictures, individual letters and words to help build advanced reading skills such as vowel teams and consonant blends.

Say it

Allows your child to hear each word.

Spell it

Lets your child hear how a word is spelled.

Sound it

Helps your child recognize letter sounds in words

Words in this story!

Interactive Words You’re Learning spreads include activities that preview words in the story.

Stories for young readers

Each book focuses on short “a” words, consonant blends or consonant digraphs such as “sh”, “th” and “wh”.

Books Learn To Read  Vol 2

1. Scarlet Skunk

2. I wish it were yesterday

3. The Road Rally

4. Slam Goes Of The Grid

5. The Storm

6. Not That Sort Of Horse

  • Vowels
  • Books & Print
  • Reading for Information
  • Sight Words
  • Story Sequence
  • Understanding Characters
  • Word Building
  • Word Sounds & Rhyme


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