Let’s Learn Solah With Adam (Eng Version)

Let’s Learn Solah With Adam (Eng Version)

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Make learning about salah fun and interactive:

Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 0 cm x 31 cm

1. by moving “Adam” to all positions of salah eg: sujud, ruku’, tahiyyat etc
2. by matching the correct recitation in salah
3. by knowing the correct ways to perform salah

– Comes with attached jointed-paper-figure (we named it “Adam”)
– 2 pages book with pocket
– Glossy art card
– A4 size
– 100 gram

Comes with :
– Pocket to keep the puzzles
– “Interactive praying kid” named Adam
– English and Malay version

Pre-order Price until 10 June 2022
Retail Price RM35


Suitable for age 4yo and above


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