Little Muslim Maze Book

Little Muslim Maze Book

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Do you know solving maze is important to develop many skills in children?

Knowing this, we are trying our best to produce more maze books (and other types of interactive books) just to make learning about Islam fun! 😁

What your children could learn in this maze book?

1. Pillars of Islam

2. Pillars of Iman

3. Prayer times

4. Steps of wudhu

5. Hijri months

6. The prophets

7. Three important mosques in Islam

8. Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s companions

9. Alif ba ta

10. Arabic numbers


Why maze book?

Research has shown that solving maze is ‘therapy’ for children. So many benefits of solving mazes! ❤️

  • Problem solving: Mazes help your child to work on his executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming various strategies (e.g. starting from the beginning of the maze or working backwards from the end of maze)
  • Fine motor control: Mazes require your child to control his pencil. Progress can be observed as your child bumps into the black lines less and less as he gains greater control of his writing utensil.
  • Visual motor: Mazes require your child to use his eyes to scan the worksheet in order to find possible solutions. Scanning is a great skill used for reading and writing, as it is important to scan from the left side of the paper to the right side
  • Grading of an activity: Mazes can be broken down into different steps. For instance, first have your child start by moving his finger, next a pencil, then a marker through the maze. This helps your child to solve the same maze three times consecutively, which allows the skill to sink-in better
  • Confidence: Mazes are perfect fine motor activities to help boost your child’s confidence. Have your child begin with a simple maze to provide immediate success, and then have him work towards completing mazes of increased difficulty.

Comes with:
1. 20 pages wipe and clean book
2. Dry erase marke


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