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Ramadan Made Simple

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Improve your knowledge of Ramadan with this easy-to-read pocket reference book? Gain a meaningful and deeper understanding of the month of Ramadan? Focus on the essential aspects of Ramadan, such as piety, moral discipline, patience and spirituality? Learn about and reflect upon the relevance of Ramadan in the present world? A 7-page pull-out chart giving the month of Ramadan.


This is a very nicely put together compact handy booklet on the month of Fasting. In full color printing with a pull-out chart in the back.

With its colorful professional design, it serves both the purpose learning the basic of fasting as well as a handy gift item for teens and people at your workplace.

– The Spirit of Ramadan

– Sighting the Moon of Ramadan

– The Blessings of Ramadan

– Preparing for Ramadan

– Prohibitions during Ramadan

– Ramadan and Piety

– Ramadan and Moral Discipline

– The Essence of Ramadan – Self Control and Patience

– Generating an Environment of Moral Rectification

– Ramadan – Training in Frugality

– Pre-dawn Meal – Sahur

– Breaking the Fast – Iftar

– Special Night Prayers – Tarawih

– Retreat to a Mosque – I’tikaf

– The Night of Destiny – Lailatul Qadr

– The Ramadan Charity – Zakat al-Fitr

– The Prescribed Charity – Zakat

– The Day of the Feast – Id ul-Fitr

– Fasting – Training in Humility

– Awakening of the Feeling of Gratefulness

– Building a Reservoir of Fortitude

– Denying the Body to Elevate the Spirit

– The Month of Sympathy

– Abstinence: the Spirit of Ramadan

– The Month of Supplication

– Ramadan and Health

– After Ramadan: What Next?

– Fasting at Times Other than Ramadan

– Those Exempted from Fasting

– Prayers – duas


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