Ustaz Mizi Wahid : The Art of Letting God (New Softcover Edition)

Ustaz Mizi Wahid : The Art of Letting God (New Softcover Edition)

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Softcover edition of The Art of Letting God, Call Upon Him and You Are Loved.

We know how much The Art of Letting God teaches you tawakkal when you feel broken, Call Upon Him has helped you to build relationship with Allah, and You Are Loved serves as a reminder that you are as perfect as you are supposed to be, to your Creator.

We’ve heard you. Now we’d like to share this series with you, with a new, fresh look, but with the same great content that has moved many hearts. The new softcover version keeps this important content affordable in this time of need.

We believe that in this current situation, you might need to be reminded that you are loved, that you need to be there for yourself too. For a while, we’ve been in a state of devastation. Our heart has been broken by so many challenges.

May this book sooth and calm you while it continues to send the message of hope and strength. We believe that you have to be present for yourselves too.

There is no amendment on the content, there’s just a little twist on the cover and layout.

Would you want to rediscover yourself again?


It has become harder to love ourselves each day, especially when all we see are perfectly curated posts of other people’s happiness on social media.

We begin to fall into a downward spiral of thoughts dominated by self-hate and insecurities.

Our broken souls feel we are undeserving of love and affection. “I wish to validate your feelings if no one has ever done it before. I know you exist. And your existence is important enough for me to speak to you directly : You exist, and you matter.”


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