You, Me and Empathy

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This charming story uses verse, beautiful illustrations and a little person called Quinn to model the meaning of empathy. Quinn shows an abundance of understanding, compassion and kindness towards others. Empathy is a learnt trait, and one to nurture in all children. Included are Discussion Questions and activities to promote empathy.

Softcover : 35 pages

One of the most important social skills a child can learn is empathy. Being able to understand how another person is feeling and recognizing their needs helps people to connect to one another across race, culture and the diversity that is ever-present and so important to our world. Throughout the story, Quinn takes the reader on a journey of learning through the example of others, teaching children about empathy, feelings, kindness, compassion, tolerance, respect and recognizing bullying behaviours.

“Our world is so special, we all need to care

about one another and the earth we share.

People together from far and wide,

we’re all on this planet, we’re on the same side.”

“I love this book and highly recommend it to parents, educators and counselors. The latest research shows that our children are hard-wired to care but unless we nurture empathy it lies dormant. You, Me, and Empathy offers us a way to talk to our children about the importance of caring for others. Jayneen also provides simple tips that we can instantly use to start stretching children’s empathy muscles. Being able to understand how another person is feeling and recognizing their needs is so crucial to humanity. You, Me and Empathy is a must to help us all achieve a kinder world.”

— Dr Michele Borba Ed.D.: author of ‘Unselfie: why empathetic kids succeed in this all-about-me world’

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